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Clapham Cannonball Take VI

8pm Friday 31st January

Hello y’all! Take 6 of the Clapham Cannonball Skate! Get ready to hear your wheels roooooar! We cruise through 14 miles around London on smooth surfaces. We have ups. We have downs. We have long straights. We have awesome fun. Want to burn some cals, well this is the skate to join! See you!

Lead Marshal: Carl
Distance: 14.13 miles
Meet at Wellington Arch, Hyde Park Corner at 7.45pm

Chel's Away

2pm Sunday 2nd February

Chelsea is away, so let's take over Fulham Broadway! We head off to the southwest hunting out smooth roads that like our skates. Route is fairly flat, so if you want to ease your way back into skating this might be a good one to join. See you out there kiddos, get your skates on and bring your friends out!

Lead Marshal: Carl
Distance: 7.59 miles
Meet at Serpentine Road, Hyde Park at 1.45pm


Which Event is for me?

You must be able skate unaided, and you must be able to stop, turn and control your speed.


The Sunday Stroll is a relaxed paced skate run by LFNS and is suitable for competent street skaters. A “Snail” Stroll runs on the last Sunday for new street skaters.

Distances are typically 7-9 miles.


LondonSkate is an intermediate level skate run by the LondonSkate crew and comes to life from mid-April until mid-September.

Distances are typically 10-12 miles.


LFNS is faster, longer, more technically demanding and may involve hills and sprints. Group sizes are usually smaller than the Sunday and Wednesday events.

Distances are typically 12-14 miles.

Need to Know

The Basics

  1. You skate at your own risk
  2. You must be able to stop turn and control your speed on an incline
  3. Listen to the marshal’s instructions – please follow them, we’re volunteers
  4. Stay left of the white line
  5. Stay behind the Lead Marshal (orange vest)
  6. Stay in front of the Rear Marshal (also orange vest)
  7. Keep left for marshals (yellow vests) overtaking you on your right
  8. Keep off the pavements
  9. Do not drink alcohol while skating
  10. Bring shoes and travelcard/money for one-skates or bad weather

We confirm if an event is going ahead around two hours before the start time – midday for the Sunday Stroll and 6pm for Wednesday and Friday events.

Meeting Points

Why You’ll Love To Skate!

Amazing Social Scene
Great For Fitness
Discover London
Great Excuse To Travel
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